Didn't someone... somewhere... once say... that social media is changing the way humans interact? 

I met James Richard Fry over a year ago. I can't quite recall our first interaction, but after meeting we carried on countless conversations... only, they were messages of 140 characters or less - James and I met on Twitter. 

James Richard Fry, of James Richard Fry Photography

James Richard Fry, of James Richard Fry Photography

A few months ago (as some of you might remember) I sold my Jeep and used social media to do it. I wrote a post, took some pictures and sent a tweet. James, looking to help a sister out, retweeted which was then viewed by two of his friends (married and expecting their first child) who were in the market for a baby mover - the Jeep Liberty would be good at that. Both husband and wife sent me an email (separately) that same day. During their test drive they asked, "How do you know James?" 

"Well..." I began, "James and I have been friends for a year but we've never actually met."

It surprised even me saying that out loud. It was then that I decided a face to face meeting for James and I was way overdue. 

A week later I enjoyed a Madcap while sitting across from the real-life profile picture I'd been virtually chatting with for so long. He looked the same, only 3-D, and his smile was even bigger in person. In an hours time and one cup of coffee later, we had filled in the blanks those 140 character messages left out over the year.  

A little about James: He is a storyteller, a biker, a swimmer. He enjoys candy (sweet tooth buddy!) He's a man of God, passionate about his friends and family and he is an amazing photographer who happens to shoot a small selection of weddings. 

Jeff and I are pleased and privileged to have James as our wedding photographer this fall. We look forward to working together and to having James Richard Fry Photography join our rock star team of MCL wedding partners.   


Expect a sneak peek this June of James' work- engagement photos! In the meantime you can find our more on James at: www.jamesrichardfry.com 

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