Thomas Christopher Kladder, photographed by James Richard Fry 

Thomas Christopher Kladder, photographed by James Richard Fry 

We welcomed Thomas Christopher on Monday March 27th at 11:32 a.m. He surprised us a whole three weeks early and weighed in at 7 pounds 5 ounces, 20 inches long. He's named after both of his Grandpas, Thomas for Jeff's Dad and Christopher after mine. He's the first boy on both sides of our family and quite possibly the only kiddo who will carry on the Kladder name. 

So far, Thomas has shown us a pretty laid back personality. He's been eating like a champ, sleeping well and tolerating his big sister's curiosity. Natalie enjoys giving him all of her things: blankets, pacifiers, half eaten cookies, small toys... you name it... Natalie has her little brother covered.  

Since Monday we've been completely spoiled by visitors who have brought meals, sweet treats and gifts which has been doubly appreciated considering his early arrival. We've certainly felt the love and are definitely not going hungry over here in baby land. 

I could sit here and write paragraph after paragraph about the birth story and about how my heart is so full it hurts, but you get it... and I'll save you the time. If you truly are interested in saga of Thomas' arrival, lets get coffee. 

What I'd really like to say about adding Thomas to our family is that we are so so so grateful. I don't say this enough, in blog posts or even out loud in conversation, but we are totally 'Jesus people.' We are Christians, we go to church, we pray and we believe that God is love. And holy moly... is God in the love we have for Thomas. And that I have for my husband Jeff. And for our daughter Natalie. And now... the love Natalie shares for Thomas.

In the morning I'm giddy because I get to take care of TWO kids - which I'm sure has something to do with Thomas and Natalie both being good sleepers... I have the energy (and the coffee maker) to help give me the gusto! But coffee and proper rest aside, I've got so much love for this family of ours. 

Thank you, community, for your support. This season of life is even better than the last. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

Photography by James Richard Fry