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The Dailey Method Eastown - A Working Mom, Working Out

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I'm just a Mom of two working hard to try and NOT look like a Mom of two. Mom bod is real. And it’s not always pretty. And my goodness can it be frustrating. I can hear my mothers voice now, “I used to be skinny, before I had you!” I get it, Mom, and thanks a million times over for sacrificing your body for me. Mom jokes aside, I’m not 21-years-old anymore (full disclosure I’m 31) and as I begin chapter two of my life, fitness has become an important part of my weekly routine. Sure, I want to look good naked (because… confidence and health and strong marriage ya’ll!), but again, I’m a Mom of two and I have every intention to run crazy right along side my energetic kids.

But fitting in time for fitness is not always easy. In fact, it’s down right the biggest challenge I face. For some people, it’s the sheer hate of actually doing the work or the cost or whatever other legitimate reason folks have for not working out. But for me it’s time. Just like every other mother out there, I’m busy. And with a calendar full of work, kids, marriage, social stuff and everything in between… when am I suppose to get to the gym?!

And then the clouds opened up and gave me The Dailey Method Eastown. I’m a Jesus gal so I don’t say this lightly… I could have prayed to the heavens for the very perfect solution to my fitness problem and he would have given me TDM. Why? I’ll tell you… this is why I love The Dailey Method and why you might too…

The Class Schedule - First and foremost, and because it’s my biggest challenge, the class schedule offered by TDM is exactly what I need. Classes begin as early at 5:45am and are scheduled periodically throughout the day including lunch and evening times. Those early morning classes are exactly what I need. It was a rough adjustment at first (I am not a morning person) but once I got into the swing of things I realized how right it was for me and my schedule. I’m back home and showered before anyone else in my family even opens their eyes!

The Community - To the instructors, the gals at the front desk and my fellow riders… I love you and I mean it. I’m not exactly social at 5:45am but regardless, you all make me want to be there. It feels weird when one of you doesn’t show up and someone new is clipped into your bike. I like that you live down the street from me and that I also get to see some of you at the office. You are my people. And thanks for respecting my unofficial claim of the front-left bike. The fan angles are nice there and I like to see myself in the mirror. TDM Eastown is also very active on both Facebook and Instagram which are fun to follow along with. They also send out motivating regular emails with personal messages from the Eastown owner, Jaime, and encouraging themes of the month.

The instructors at The Dailey Method Eastown.

The instructors at The Dailey Method Eastown.

The Programming - TDM offers both cycling and barre classes as well as a variety of combo classes using both barre and spin. For example, Dailey Cycle is 40 mins in the spin room followed by 20 mins in the barre room. For the record, the barre room and I disagree with one another. Spin is my jam and my happy place! But whatever your preference, they’ve got incredible class programming.

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The Atmosphere - The energy at TDM is incredible. It’s a combination of the welcoming space, the vibrant neon lights in the dark spin room, the loud and motivating music and the supportive instructors. I’ve taken many fitness classes in my day but there’s something special about TDM that keeps me coming back.

The Music - Each instructor comes armed with their own tunes. All different, all motivating. For example, our Monday morning spin instructor brings in quite a lot of classics (think Eye of the Tiger and so on) while our Friday morning instructor LOVES hardcore rap music. They change it up all the time and hardly recycle the same sound tracks. It’s pretty often I’m trying to sing along with the music in-between trying to keep my breath!

The Equipment - The facilities and equipment provided are the best in the business. During barre class any equipment you need is provided including a mat, weights, ball and straps. The cycle room has brand new bikes that are very well maintained and always clean. They provide spin shoes (unless you prefer to bring your own) and towels including one at the end of your class that’s delightfully cold and infused with refreshing oils!

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The Childcare - TDM offers childcare for $5/kid during select classes. Want to work out on Saturday morning but have the kids? No problem, bring them with you. You work out while they make a craft in the kids room for 45 mins.

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The Pricing - Lets be honest, any gym membership is ‘expensive.’ It just depends on what type of workout you’re looking for and how often you want to commit to going. For me, the once a month core membership for unlimited classes is exactly what I need to keep me coming back. With auto paying the flat fee each month I’m not worrying about the cost per class and if anything else, I’m going more because I’m Dutch and want to ‘get my moneys worth!’ Hashtag if you ain’t Dutch you ain’t much! It’s common they run new client specials for $79 for 3 weeks unlimited. For me, it’s without a doubt worth the cost.

And last but most definitely not least… and a big reason I love TDM Eastown, it is a Phenomenal Workout! I have never walked out of the studio without first drenching myself is sweat. I clock my spin classes using my Apple Watch and I more than double my daily burn calories in just 45 mins. I’m strong, healthy and I can see the difference in the mirror.