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Legally Blonde at the Grand Rapids Civic Theatre

Ohmigoodness oh my goodness you guys (3 exclamation points!!!). 

{Just doesn't sound the same.}

The highlight of the show, in my very personal opinion, was near the beginning of the second act when character Brooke Windom, fitness trainer extrodinaire, successfully sings, dances, AND jump ropes her introduction to the show. Not only am I a huge fan of skilled physical feats (anything someone else can do that I can't always impresses me... so whistling with your fingers, that counts), but also friend Aimee Workman plays the role of Brooke. 

Aimee and her husband Todd (who went to high school with Jeff) also attend MARS HILL and for the last few weeks we've gotten the scoop on the progress in rehearsal. In all honesty the only thing Aimee gave away was that she'd be jump roping while singing, which was enough to get us to the theatre opening night. 

The show was stellar even with the opening night jitters - shoes were lost, props were dropped, and some lines were flubbed... but there's something quite personal about theatre when you're that near to the action - both physically and emotionally. Let me explain, the Civic is intimate which is nice. But what is more... the people filling the seats, performing on stage, and working the magic behind the scenes... they ARE community. They are our neighbors and lets be honest, my neighbors are a damn good performers. 

The show continues this evening through June 16th. TICKETS prices begin at $18 and you can purchase Skittles at the snack counter during intermission for a dollar - not that I would know. 

'Snaps' to the crew and cast... you guys did an 'Elle' of a job!  

{ NRS }