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Big Big News: We're Having a Baby!

We have some really exciting news, we're having a baby! 

It was quite the surprise for us which means it was a surprise for the large majority of our family and friends too. We've slowly started sharing the news with those we see in person and experiencing everyone's reactions has been a hoot. However, no one can top the complete and utter shock (then immediate giddiness) expressed by my Mom. We were sitting down for dinner when we broke the news and after the announcement she couldn't finish her meal she was so excited. 

And we're excited too! We're currently 10 weeks along and according to our pregnancy app the baby is the size of a kumquat which isn't all that much help - I don't think I've ever eaten a kumquat. The kidney bean reference at week 8 was much more helpful. 

All in all, the process so far as been fairly smooth. More than anything else, I feel like I just got done eating a gigantic burrito without actually having gotten to eat said delicious burrito. Also, motion sickness in the car has really brought me back to my childhood years and I've probably eaten more slices of bread and crackers in the last 10 weeks than I have in the entire last year.

Our little food baby is due May, 7th 2015. Your high-fives are welcome as we head off into the land of juice boxes and cheerios.

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