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A Bachelorette In The Windy City

The girl code clearly states: what happens at a bachelorette party, stays at a bachelorette party. And because it's Wednesday, and because I only like to break rules on weekends, I'm required to spare you the gritty details. 

However, it would be a shame not to share a few photos of my beautiful friends and our path of destruction - fearlessly lead by Maid of Honor Cassie Guba. She definitely receives the award for MOH of the year.

I hardly ever give 'play-by-play' posts, but to tell you a story about the weekend would, again, be against the code. Alas... viva las bachelorette weekend... 

Our day began at Kanela for brunch. Coffee, eggs benedict with smoked salmon, potatoes, and mimosas, with Cassie, Amanda, and Chelsea - the four of us had a low key evening the night before - we watched cheesy wedding flix and topped off a few bottles of wine. 

After meeting up with the rest of our party and checking into The Whitehall Hotel, we took advantage of the bottomless mimosas at Carmines on North Rush Street. Then it was off to Arbre Nail Spa for manis, pedis, champagne, and Sex and the City reruns. Seriously, they play reruns of Sex and the City. 

Nails dry, we stopped at a few shops on Michigan Avenue on the way back to the hotel to change for dinner. Snacks and cocktails were followed by some of the most surprising gifts I've ever received - I can't wait until some of their bachelorette parties so I can return their gestures! 

For dinner Cassie booked a private dining room at Untitled, a restaurant and bar with the feel of a speakeasy from the Prohibition era. Our private room had a convenient little window that opened up to the bar back which made for especially quick service. Which I thought was appropriate seeing as we were in need of especially quick service. 

Dancing followed dinner, which also took place at Untitled - they had a live jazz band. And that was followed by more dancing (less jazz and more Miley)  at both John Barleycorn River North and American Junkie

And somewhere between 2 and 3AM, we ordered late night Chicago pizza and crashed. The night can only be described as magical.

Thank you Chicago, goodnight.