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Valentine's Day, Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, & The Dutch Mafia

We love entertaining and so any excuse we can use to throw a party will do, Hallmark holidays included. On Friday, Valentines Day, we hosted the Dutch Mafia at our place for happy hour before attending Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson at Actors Theatre. There was wine, beer, cocktails (yes vodka) and 'Kiss n' Go Naked' - a recipe for any successful gathering. 

Want to know how to make 'Kiss n' Go Naked?' You'll need: 

  • 6 cans of beer (we use Bud Light)
  • 2 (11.5 ounce) canisters of frozen pink lemonade concentrate 
  • 23 ounces vodka - pour into empty lemonade canisters to measure (2 of them)

Mix in a large punch bowl or drink dispenser and enjoy. Careful, it's a sneaky drink! In the summertime we also recommend the 'Fiesta' version: sub Corona for Bud Light, limeade for lemonade, and tequila for vodka. 

After happy hour the group migrated to Actors Theatre for the show Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, a new rock musical loosely based on our 7th President Andrew Jackson. The show, very much a parody, is a quick paced story full of sexual innuendos, vulgar language, and gay remarks - which made for an oddly entertaining show. Also, the cast and band were FULL of energy and really fun to watch. We recommend getting tickets of your own - but of course, don't forget your flask. 

In no way would I call our Valentine's Day romantic, but it sure was fun. Why have 1 Valentine when you can have 18! Happy Valentines Day everyone.