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Deco Stop Lodge


The Deco Stop Lodge, Santo, Vanuatu

It was Monday that I realized the majority of our trip was being spent in transit. Airplane, bus, boat... you name it, we did it. 

When we arrived in Santo that afternoon, we were both beat. Hungry and tired, our arrival at Deco Stop Lodge was perfectly timed. After three nights of tents, huts, and literally sleeping in trees, the beach side bungalow with hot running water was like a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie - it was good, okay?! In that moment I was reminded that Jeff lived there for nearly three years. But me? I was wanting for a soft bed and hot shower in less than three days. 

After settling in, and a run down to the village hardware store (Jeff wanted to pick up some supplies for our trip to his village in two days time - he hoped to find the water system in working order, but just in case he wanted to come prepared), we enjoyed a bottle of red wine over looking Santo Bay.

We watched the sun set (which happens around 6pm) and did a little star gazing - we couldn't help it! Those suckers are bright out there in the darkness. I learned Jeff knows a surprising amount about the constellations on that side of the planet - It ended up being one of his many random hobbies while living there. 

After the bottle was emptied we moved poolside where the bungalow kitchen served dinner and drinks. We treated ourselves to a wonderful dinner and cocktails - I even got dessert, which was so-so. They do a much better job cooking seafood than they do baking in Vanuatu.

And with that... a clean body, relaxed mind, full stomach and very happy heart... our night came to a close.