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James Richard Fry, Our Grand Rapids Wedding Photos

Forget those Pinterest wedding photos, simple is better. 

We asked only two things from James Richard Fry as he signed on to be our photographer: 1. We wanted him to have complete creative freedom, meaning, Jeff and I would not call the shots and would not be giving him a list of things we wanted. Instead, we trusted his ability to deliver something awesome. And 2. Time... up front we told him that we didn't want to spend a large amount of time posing for photos.

We settled on one hour for the grooms party and one hour for the bridal party before the wedding, and then only one hour directly after the ceremony for the entire group. James surprised us and finished even sooner, spending approximately 15 mins on family, 15 mins on the entire wedding party, and 20 mins with just Jeff and I. We were done early which meant a moment to ourselves on the second floor gallery before our grand re-etrance to the party. It was the most satisfying vodka water with lime I've ever tasted. 

James and his crew were efficient. They were professional. And they were darn right amazing. The photos are stunning and timeless and speak entirely for themselves. 

Many couples have wedding photo nightmares... but I'd say this story's a flip'n photo fairytale. My advice to brides, forget Pinterest, simple IS better... and it's a hellava lot less stressful to boot. 

PS - These images will most likely still end up on Pinterest. 

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