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Snow Drifters, A Baas Creative Passion Project

Last week Friday I spent a good amount of my time at work putting together a production list for our shoot Saturday afternoon. It was by far the most random assortment of goods I've ever coordinated: 20 road flares, 6 metal barrels, lighter fluid, road cones, flash lights, a snow sled just to name a few. I made stops at Meijer, Target, Autozone, ACE Hardware, and even hunted a few of the larger items down on craigslist. I think the woman checking me out at ACE was the most confused trying to figure out what I was going to do with black spray paint, a flag pole, LED pen lights, and a box of malted milk balls. 

For those of you who still have no idea what it is I do for a living (I swear my Dad still thinks I work for ArtPrize), I'm a production and project manager for Baas Creative, a film production firm in Grand Rapids. Our team makes films and my role is coordinating the production of those films. Our clients who we create these films for include groups like Steelcase, I Like Giving, and Rob Bell. 

For Steelcase, we create incredibly detailed furniture videos that play in their amazing showrooms around the globe. For I Like Giving, a non profit that believes a generous world is a better world for all of us, our team produces short films about generous stories that spread like wildfire on social media. And for clients like Rob Bell, we work on book trailers and more recently, we produced a few segments for his show with the Harpo Network. 

But enough about that. 

On Saturday the Baas Team rallied for a full day of filming on Reeds Lake for what you'd consider a 'passion project.' A passion project is usually something a creative (a writer, photographer, film maker, painter... etc.) works on for the love of their craft. 

The project, currently being called Snow Drifters, was put into motion by friend and client of Baas Creative, Joey Ruiter and my boss Mark Baas. Together they crafted the idea to race mopeds on ice and make a film out of it. And so we did, and so we are. 

Here are some snap shots from the day/night. Looking forward to sharing the finished product with everyone soon.