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Jeff & Nichole, Sitting in a Tree

By this point you have most likely heard Jeff or me talk about how we are sending our wedding invitations via the interents. It's been quite the roller of coaster of mixed feelings.

At first we were really excited. Going green and paving a new path in the world of wedding planning has got to be worth some sort of title right? But then we realized not everyone on our invite list has an email account, or that they do have email account but don't actively use them which, let me just say, how in this world you function without email these days is a minor miracle. Even Jeff's Grandmother expertly navigates her iPad. We speak only words of truth: our grandma emails faster than you! 

But email or no email... the planning must go on! 

We think we've come up with an acceptable solution for those with no email: simply printing the email that would have landed in their virtual mailbox and redirecting it to their physical one. The only hang up is that in order to RSVP they will still have to log onto our website an check a couple boxes- change by force! 

On an extremely awesome note we are delighted to find the majority of our family and friends embracing our paperless invites. Everyone keeps telling us that in the end the little stuff won't matter and I'm really starting to understand that - being a details person, this is pretty bold of me to admit. 

And so, we are glad to be a part of the first virtual email invitation piloted by local wedding website template company SITTING IN A TREE . Masterminds and co-founders Laura and Julia have taken the same personality of our custom wedding website and mirrored them on our invitations. They are lovely and perfect. 

Think our wedding website and email invites are pretty cool? You can have them too! Contact SITTING IN A TREE at Their customer service rep SPIKE is pretty cute. 

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