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Happy Anniversary to my Mom & Dad

Marriage gets a bad rept these days, but when surrounded by a community full of happily married couples it it becomes difficult for Jeff and I to hide our excitement over being able to soon call one another husband and wife. 

This week is my Mom and Dads 31st wedding anniversary. They are high school sweethearts - a rare species in our society today. Both in the marching band and both athletes - Mom, I suppose we'll count your cheerleading/flag corp. I have this photo of them framed from their high school years. They were walking the hallways of Comstock High hand in hand. Their outfits were to die for. It's in black and white. True black and white, not the photoshop kind. 

Dad was two years her senior and after his graduation he entered the trades. It wasn't until my Mom graduated from college that they were married. She wasn't yet 21. A few years later they had my brother and a few years after that I came along.  

Growing up they were shining examples of how a husband and wife might (and on the very rare occasion how a couple might not) function - something that continues today. No one is perfect and even though my parents are on quite the pedestal... not even they are perfect. I'd have it no other way. 

Yesterday my Mom was telling me about when they were in pre-marital counseling  - a requirement to be married in their church, something Jeff and I will also go through. She said, "The preist asked us if we were certain that we were the right person of which to spend the rest of our lives with." She continued, "I told him of course! But your Dad said 'well I'm not sure... I haven't met all the women in the world yet." See... not perfect. 

In the 'Happy Anniversary' card I sent them I explained how grateful I was for not only their unconditional love and support for me as their daughter, but also for their commitment to one another in their marriage. During this season in my life I feel lucky to have such a strong life line so close to my (literal) home. 

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad. You guys are the bees knees.  

Quick FYI re the photos below - they are without Jason (my brother). It's because he was deployed during those life events, not because we don't like him! 

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