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Mid City Love Teams Up With GR


This month we launched a new partnership with GR, a Mom run organization that serves thousands of Grand Rapids families by providing free resources like event calendars, a variety of easy to access guides, and other helpful advice. 

About twice a month I'll be sharing my thoughts with the GR Kids community on becoming a new mom and soliciting advice from local expert Moms. Heads up, I consider you an expert if you know more than me... which at this point is everyone. 

Blog topics will range in subject from, "Where's the best place to eat out with a newborn in a stroller?" to "What's the weirdest thing that happened to you while you were pregnant?"

Mid City Love (for the time being) will stay 'Mommy-Blogger' free, but you can catch all my guest posts at

To read my introduction post, you can follow the link HERE