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Kladder Update: New York City, New Hotel Mertens & New Years Resolutions

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Hello February! Since the first of the year we've been firing on all four cylinders, and then some! Our household is back on the right side of wellness after going through a solid week of 'sick' last month and it's a good thing too because both Jeff and my offices have been keeping us moving.

On the 30th last month Steelcase released its newest product, a task chair titled SILQ, with a series of events held at our showroom in New York City. The events were a great success and the energy around the release has continued to build amongst the furniture and interior design community over the last two weeks. As part of the team who managed the release, we could not be more thrilled. My role as producer entailed planning and managing the programming for the Facebook live stream as well as the runway show celebrating the chair during the evening cocktail party. It was a fun and challenging change of pace from my usual role as video producer. 

They say the second week of February is when most Americans drop off from their New Years Resolutions which I'm assuming mostly has to do with fitness and dieting. Happy to say we're going strong with ours, including both golf and passport stamps. This week we booked tickets to Spain for this Fall and now I'm all over the Rick Steves tour guide book getting amped; just try and slow me down! As for golf, this week I'm schedule at the Thousand Oaks Golf Academy for a club fitting and Jeff is thrilled - his plan to get me hooked on golf is falling perfectly into place.  

Other 'new' stuff... New Hotel Mertens was a hit last weekend while out with friends Kelsey and John for dinner as well as the Downtown Valent-Ice Event. It's a great French inspired restaurant with unique atmosphere and menu. I ordered something called Choucrette which was a combo of a few differently prepared kinds of pork, sauerkraut and potatoes. The drink menu is a touch pricier and the menu is actually pretty small, but we enjoyed ourselves and will certainly return. 

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Before dinner we hit up the Downtown Market for the outdoor Ice Bar. Yup, we did shots out of glasses made of ice - they were gross because this girl doesn't like Jagermeister. But slamming them on the ground afterwards was well worth the nasty taste. Then we headed towards Rosa Parks Circle for the Olympic Opening Ceremony commotion and to check out the ice sculptures. We are suckers for a cheesy community event and this one did not disappoint. 

The in-law snow-birds take off for Palm Springs here in a few days so we've spent some time with them over the last couple weeks before they're gone. One of our go-to spots for breakfast with the family is Rainbow Grill in Grandville. It's your typical American breakfast served quick with accommodations for our large crew - 15 of us when we're all present. We also spent the day out at the lake this past Saturday doing a whole lot of nothing - a.k.a. making cucumber martinis, eating snacks and enjoying conversation. It was relaxing. 

Natalie has been like a fish-in-water with her Monday night swim classes. Jeff made the mistake of telling her Monday morning that, "We have swim class today," and when she realized she'd have to wait the entire day to go... she started bawling. Try dropping a toddler off at daycare when they are under the impression they're going to the pool. Good times! 

Thomas is living large now that he is completely mobile. Early last month he started crawling and is getting better at pulling himself up on the daily. He likes to be where all the actions at and follows his sister around in a way that resembles the tortoise and the hare. It's like every time he catches her, off she goes again and the cycle restarts. He's got two more giant teeth, is a big eater and remains a very happy little guy. 

You know what else? Moxie Matters!!, which is something I learned two weeks ago with the gals from our house church at the Jen Hatmaker and Nichole Nordeman event held at Mars Hill. Jen and Nichole are the best of friends and are currently on tour speaking and singing their way through the female Christian population. Their event was all about the mess of life and how in the middle of it all is 'moxie,' - something they believe is the key to getting through it all. Jen was hilarious and Nichole has the most beautiful voice and song lyrics. Girl made me (and the rest of the ladies in the house) cry waterfalls of tears over this video: Slow Down. Warning to mothers: go get your box of Kleenex and bottle of wine now.

With that, I leave you! Wishing you and yours a very Happy Valentines Day! Eat some chocolate and kiss a lover! I know I will (wink!). 

POSTSCRIPT... Stuff we're into lately.

  • The Kids Corner at City Built Brewing - Great food. Good beer. Excellent place to hang for a bit and keep the kids busy. Request the long table close to the kids play area if you can. Proximity is key. 
  • Georginas - New to Wealthy Street is Georginas, a fantastic restaurant featuring Asian Latin fusion cuisine. Slightly pricey menu, but so worth it! Bustling atmosphere and fun location. My chicken stone bowl pictured below. 
  • Hall Street Bakery - Quick, convenient and super tasty! Great for all your sweet treat needs and fresh baked bread.