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A Mid City Love Bridal Shower

There's a lot of tradition around planning a wedding. Most of which Jeff and I would prefer to do without, and actually ARE planning to do without, including the guarder toss, bouquet toss, cutting of the cake (we actually aren't having cake), the receiving line, bridesmaid dress color (they're in white too!), and believe it or not... the honeymoon. But one of the traditions we kept intact...  a bridal shower.  


I had my first (of 3) bridal showers this weekend. There were macaroons and cupcakes. Mimosas and chilled Oberon. Wrapped kitchen appliances and bath towels. Hydrangea in mason jars. And I was surrounded by my wonderful female family and friends from the Kalamazoo area. It was a perfectly executed wedding tradition. 

The shower was hosted by Maid of Honor Cassie and my Mom, at my parents home in Schoolcraft. Thank you to both of them and everyone else who attended and helped plan. It was so special to share that day with you. 

With one bridal shower down and the wedding just over two months away, I'm left baffled at how quickly time flies. As I walked a few friends through my parents house (it's a log home full of antiques which can be quite intriguing - I'd want a tour too) we stopped for a moment in my old bedroom. The green and hot pink paint my parents let me put on the walls in high school are still intact. So are the Marilyn Monroe posters pinned to the ceiling and the wall of 'major awards' I received competing in sports growing up. It's like a time capsule of Nichole age 12 to 17. 

It's slightly embarrassing to admit, but it was within those green and hot pink walls that I once dreamt of 'when I grow up.' I'd get super girlie and cut out photos from magazines and catalog them using glue sticks and spiral notebooks. I can't remember exactly what I pictured, but it couldn't have been any better than life as I know it right now. 

Sorry for the sappy post. I'll make up for it with this one final thought: the N+J logo is starting to catch on... which I LOVE! This weekend the logo showed up on cupcakes, gift wrapping, and on an etched wooden cutting board (a gift). And then FastCompany released this DESIGN GUIDE on how to create a hipster logo. Ouch! Note the last step - making of a rubber stamp. So guilty. 

So I guess we should officially announce: A 'hipster wedding'... coming to you in Fall 2013.  

{  N.R.S. }