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Snorkeling at Hideaway Island, Vanuatu

The last two nights of our trip to Vanuatu were spent on a little piece of paradise called Hideaway Island. Known for its snorkeling and underwater post office (I still don't get the draw of sending water proof post cards) we rested up oceanside in bungalow #4. 

After all of the constant attention we received while in the village, the privacy offered by the bungalow was (at the time) a way bigger perk than even the hot shower offered. 

Flippers on, goggles secure, and a hot pink two piece to boot... I felt like the coolest cat on the beach. And then I fell over - flippers are tricky little suckers.  We swam through jumbo schools of fish and spotted Nemos and Doris - Ellen Degeneres has forever changed the way we see fish I hope you know. 

And later, with a night cap at the hotel bar, our trip had reached its end.  

"Worth it?" I asked him.  

"100%," he responded.