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Main Street Dueling Pianos, a Wedding Partner

I've always wanted to play the piano. It's so romanic. I once wished I would marry a man who could play, but then I met Jeff and instead he loves me unconditionally which is way better. But I'm the kind of girl who likes to have her cake and eat it too so for the wedding we said, "pish-posh" to having a DJ or band, and instead booked dueling pianos. 

Our newest wedding partner is MAIN STREET DUELING PIANOS based right here in Grand Rapids. They play from a music library of 1,000 plus songs and yes, they take requests.

Think dueling piano bar minus all the 21-year-old birthdays and bachelorette parties - sub Grandma, Aunt Kelly, my high-school friend and maid of honor Cassie, the Dutch Mafia, my boss, and ... you get the picture. It will be a room full of friends and family dancing away to songs they request by way of paper and pencil. I seriously can't wait to see what songs get played. I'm crossing my fingers for some Prince, Toto, and I'll probably pee my pants (dress) if they play Beyonce. These are the tunes dreams are made of you guys. 

A few weeks ago I spoke with Joe Laureano of Main Street via Skype and explained how I've never been to an event with dueling pianos before. I thought I had quite the original idea but was quickly set straight by Joe. 

"We're booked almost every weekend," he told me. "Weddings, corporate events, fundraisers, birthdays... you name it."  

I wanted to ask, "What about funerals?" But really,  as our conversation continued I wouldn't be surprised if his answer was, "yes." Joe has quite the extensive background in entertainment. 

I know I'm excited about everything wedding these days but believe me when I say how pumped we are for dueling pianos at the parTay! Be sure to check out MAIN STREET DUELING PIANOS  on their homepage and follow them on TWITTER and FACEBOOK.  

If you are interested in scoping them out for your event, you can find them once a week on THE SCORE's entertainment schedule under the band name Great Scott. 

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