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A Very Happy One Year Anniversary


We did it! We graduated from the newlywed club! Actually, this post comes on a bit of a delay... our anniversary was last weekend, whoops!

Despite the late post, we did celebrate, or tried to anyway. In the name of romance we attempted an early dinner (our anniversary fell on a Sunday this year) at Mangiamo - the place where Jeff and I had our first date and where we ate dinner the night of our engagement. However, we were surprised to find Mangiamo doesn't open until 4pm on Sundays. Bummed, we went to plan B and grabbed a table at Roses on Reed's Lake instead - another favorite spot of ours. 

They say your first anniversary is the year of paper. We didn't exchange gifts this year - we've never been too keen on love notes. But we did both eat cheeseburgers which, in my opinion, totally trumps paper. 

So here we are, one year (and one week) later. I don't know how else to put it, marriage is awesome. Love... is awesome. 

And so far it's been pretty easy - tell your friends. He's patient cause I'm not. I clean because he doesn't like to. He listens and I talk, a lot. We challenge one another's thoughts and support each other's passions. We're a team and being part Jeff's team is a feeling like being 'home.' We laugh a lot and goof around - him way more than me. "Why aren't you ever serious?" I say to him and he replies, "Do you want me to be serious all the time?" And he's right... I definitely wouldn't. This one time we argued about who's responsibility it was to refill the car with gas - it's his. So is making the bed but only because he's the last one up in the morning. This year he wrapped my birthday gift by putting it in his briefcase and handing it to me. We worship together. We serve together. We made a baby together - which was fun. 

I'm happy and grateful for Jeff. Happy Anniversary Husband. 



Kenley Event Design, Wedding Coordinator

The wedding has come and gone and we are just about wrapped up with wedding posts here on MCL. But before we do away with the topic altogether... we have a few more items to address, including Kenley Event Design and Event Coordinator Katie Nguyen. 

As a has-been bride, I have much advice (and am willing to share anything you'd like to know, just email me!) but the one piece that I suggest to any couple planning a wedding is... get help, professional help. 

For the past 3 years part of my career has been planning and producing events, but never before had I managed a wedding. For our big day I handled the planning just fine and actually ended up really enjoying it, but there was no way I was going to be able to 'run' my own wedding. 


Then we met Katie, owner of Kenley Event Design. Kenley offers full fledged planning services, day of coordination, and even rental options for wedding decor. Because I had the planning part down, Katie became our day of coordinator and made sure the logistics of our big day ran exactly how we had pictured it. 

Katie pulled the strings. She did everything from cue the emcee and make sure the linens were crisp, to wrangle our wedding party. She made it possible for me to be in two places at once: while I was busy off getting married, she made sure our videos played, that our tables were set, and even got us drinks at one point in the night. 

We could not have done it without her.

Every bride needs a Katie. 

To contact Katie at Kenley Event Design email: 

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James Richard Fry, Our Grand Rapids Wedding Photos

Forget those Pinterest wedding photos, simple is better. 

We asked only two things from James Richard Fry as he signed on to be our photographer: 1. We wanted him to have complete creative freedom, meaning, Jeff and I would not call the shots and would not be giving him a list of things we wanted. Instead, we trusted his ability to deliver something awesome. And 2. Time... up front we told him that we didn't want to spend a large amount of time posing for photos.

We settled on one hour for the grooms party and one hour for the bridal party before the wedding, and then only one hour directly after the ceremony for the entire group. James surprised us and finished even sooner, spending approximately 15 mins on family, 15 mins on the entire wedding party, and 20 mins with just Jeff and I. We were done early which meant a moment to ourselves on the second floor gallery before our grand re-etrance to the party. It was the most satisfying vodka water with lime I've ever tasted. 

James and his crew were efficient. They were professional. And they were darn right amazing. The photos are stunning and timeless and speak entirely for themselves. 

Many couples have wedding photo nightmares... but I'd say this story's a flip'n photo fairytale. My advice to brides, forget Pinterest, simple IS better... and it's a hellava lot less stressful to boot. 

PS - These images will most likely still end up on Pinterest. 

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