Change makes my heart beat faster. Mostly because, for me anyway, it means taking on new challenges - which can excite anyone with a competitive personality. Except for maybe skateboarding... I super suck at skateboarding. No bueno. 

This fall, however, my heart is on overdrive as I gain a husband, full-time roommate and... this one might throw you for a loop... announce my leave as Coordinator at Start Garden after accepting a new position as Project Manager at Baas Creative

This Fall marks my three year residency in Grand Rapids, as well as, my three year anniversary of working with the team at Start Garden, Pomegranate Studios, and ArtPrize. It has been nothing short of wonderful. The things I've learned and experiences I've had will forever shine through in the person I am today. The team has been like family... a very goofy family at times, but a most definitely a family. I will continue proudly sharing the Start Garden word and hope to never become a stranger at 50 Louis.  

And so, it is with great excitement that I begin this new chapter (husband and all) with Baas Creative. Bass specializes in film, design, company branding, and communication development. Their PORTFOLIO includes a wide range of work including promotional videos for Steelcase and Turnestone, as well as the Rob Bell NOOMA videos. 

Baas Creative is a small firm with a team totaling six people (myself included) and is based out of Grand Rapids. I look forward to starting with the team next week. 

On that note, I think that's enough big life changes for one year... but then again, I guess you never know!  

{  N.R.S. }