We LOVE living in Michigan during the holidays. Mostly because our families are here but also because in Michigan... there is snow! As far as the Kladders are concerned, it can keep snowing until Feb. 1st - ideally, then it can go away. 

In the spirit of the holidays we've decked out our halls at 616 Lofts for our first Christmas together. And while we plan to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with family at their homes, in the meantime we're enjoying the cozy warmth of our decorated pad while the snow piles up on our sidewalks. 

With the holidays comes tradition, including the annual Friends Thanksgiving hosted by friends Josh and Emily. It was only a year ago Jeff invited me as his date. There, I was introduced to the group I now fondly refer to as our Dutch Mafia. Last year, I spent most of my time trying to keep up with their inside jokes - the same ones they've been making since they were in grade school. But this year the jokes were old hat and the Dutch Mafia are my community. Our community. 

In other tradition news, this year we made our first gingerbread house, decorated our first tree, and shopped for gifts together. So far marriage is going pretty well. 

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