During my 3 years of blogging I was fortunate enough to build great relationships with a few heavy hitters in the Grand Rapids community. I am grateful to them for their partnerships, and moving forward Mid City Love will refer to them not only as our friends, but officially... as our partners. 

The following companies, organizations, & people have committed to MCL in time, services, financially, or otherwise: 


616 Lofts - I've lived at 616 Lofts in downtown GR for nearly 2 years. In 2012, 616 and I made our like-minded thinking public by announcing the Resident Liaison program. In short, a RL is someone who is accessible to 616 staff for things like guest blog posts, providing a live-in showroom, and resident feedback. An RL is also accessible to the 616 residents for items ranging from,"I locked myself out again," to recommendations on downtown fare. We're pleased to continue this partnership with Jeff joining the crew. 

MVP Metro Club, Brad Koetsier - I've been a happy member of MVP Metro since 2010, but it wasn't til Brad joined the management team that the gym really became my sanity on week days. Each Monday through Friday at noon you can find me... at MVP - rhymed that, did it on purpose. Three days a week I group train with at least one other person with Brad, then supplement with yoga and centergy on my off days. Today I told Brad, "I'm going to have to purchase a wedding gown with cut off sleeves... so I can show off my guns." 

Bryan Frank Imaging - As friends, Bryan and I go back to my freshman year of college. His family owns the Pizza King in Kalamazoo and often we'd fire up the oven after closing time for late night zah. Today we see more of each other for business - he takes all of the event photos for Start Garden. Bryan took the photos used on this site. 


Julia Jamieson Design - I first met Julia after she and her business partner Laura Vaughn were funded through Start Garden for their startup Sitting in a Tree, a company that provides beautifully designed wedding website templates. Julia designed both the Mid City Love logo as well as the N+J emblem. Julia's introduction is an excellent segway for our next Partner. 

Sitting in a Tree - Our first wedding partner! Jeff and I will be working through Sitting in a Tree to help organize our wedding this fall. Not only will we be using their web services, but our event will act as a pilot for a new product Sitting in a Tree soon hopes to offer: evites for weddings. Instead of costly paper invitations (not to mention the paper waste), we'll be working with SIAT to create efficient, easy to use email invitations using the same beautiful template selected for our website. 


A big hooray to our existing Partners and if you or your company are interested in collaborating with MCL please email us at nicholekladder@gmail.com (our hello@ has not yet been activated - whoops!).

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