I can't remember who contacted who with the invitation but I'm certain the first time I met Elizabeth, owner of Posh Petals, it was over coffee at Starbucks. Long story short, on the cusp of announcing Start Garden to the public I needed a florist for our many upcoming events. Elizabeth had a portfolio full of gorgeous flowers and smiled a lot so naturally, so she was perfect.

And now, twice a month she and her crew bring new arrangements (literally new... they are never the same arrangement) each delivery out shining the group before it. She knows the Start Garden style, does really well with arranging for the season, and is extremely flexible - for these reasons we continue giving her our business. That and, again, because she smiles a lot! 

Since our coffee, Elizabeth has married which I adore because she more recently than most knows what we're going through at this stage in our planning excitement. Last week we sat down to coffee, again... this time at Madcap where she agreed to style our wedding flowers. Tickled! 

And so, if you dig the arrangements at Start Garden you'll love the flowers at the wedding. I'll save the details for later. For now you can discover more about Posh Petals on their WEBSITE or contact Elizabeth directly at elizabeth@poshpetalsfloral.com. Follow them on twitter and facebook too. She's wonderful! 

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Photo Credit: Splash Studios. Craig Watson Photography. Wendi Curtis Photography. The Jon Hartman Photography Co. Jenn Marie Photography. Shutterbug by Jen. LVL Photography.