Sunday may have been Cinco de Mayo, but the Elmwood Estate was celebrating Feast Day - a tradition amongst friends that, conveniently enough, also involves margaritas. In short, it's a time to share and give thanks.

I put the event on Jeff's calendar a week ago (I do that now, add things to his calendar... it's kind of awesome) and his response, "What exactly is Feast Day?"  

"Think  Thanksgiving, but with couches in the front yard, siraccha dip, a dozen pairs of wayfarer sunglasses, tons of instagram photos, and a game of bags,"  I told him. 

And last weekends 12th annual (sometimes biannual) Feast Day was a lot like that, except for I hadn't predicted the immense amount of farmers tan and pink cheeks that quickly appeared as a result of the first direct sunlight of the season- we were like vampires minus the modern day sparkles you see in the movies these days. I added sunscreen to the grocery list. 

Sunday afternoon hosts Jared and Caton explained, "Once invited to Feast Day, always invited to Feast Day." Which is the truth. They went on to say that relationships are ever changing. Some grow. Some diminish. Some who were once friends turn to lovers, or even enemies - which is sad but sometimes happens. But Feast Day is a time to gather regardless of the changing. And so we did. 

Together we broke bread and drank wine (Moscato to be exact) - a Feast Day tradition. 

Because of Feast Day I began my week with a renewed appreciation of those around me. That, and extremely pink arms.  

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