You guys... I forgot my camera this weekend and therefore we are sans photos this post, which is a huge fail because the opportunity for photos was ten fold. D'oh! Please forgive me. And now for the Fourth of July life lesson we learned this weekend: 

Splitting holidays between families belongs on a list of things people should never do. So moving forward Jeff and I have decided we're not doing it. Seriously, you couples that do split holidays between families successfully... your secret sauce shall remain a mystery. I vow to continue showing you my respect and jealousy. 

My family lives in Schoolcraft, MI (my hometown) a 55 minute drive south from downtown Grand Rapids. But then add on the extra 20 minutes it takes to get to Jeff's parents in Rockford and we're looking at a less than casual hop across neighborhoods going from one parents to the other - especially when you have to stop at Meijer to pick up Oberon.

We love spending time with both our families on holidays but the fact of the matter is that we unfortunately are not super heros. And if we were... I doubt our super powers would be the ability to be in two places at once. Mine would be something cool like being able to turn water into wine (WWJD!!) and I bet Jeff would pick... (hold on I'll ask him)... his answer: teleportation. Okay, I suppose that would be a tad helpful in this situation. Still... not super heros and don't expect to get bit by any spiders or bathe in green ooze anytime soon. 

Resolution: we will divy up holidays moving forward.  

In other news, Friday our parents met for the first time - ironic right? - they came to US! 

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