Today marks 15 weeks of pregnancy. The kid is the size of an apple and measures about 4 inches long - this, all according to our pregnancy app that sends us weekly updates. Over the past few months I've noticed that you're curious, or perhaps just being polite by asking me about what's relevant in life right now. Thank you friends, you are too good to me. I've compiled some of your most commonly asked questions here along with answers: 

1. How are you feeling?

Compared to what I've heard and read, I feel pretty lucky to have skipped a lot of what other pregnant women seem to experience. Sure, I've gotten nauseous a handful of mornings, but it's nothing a toasted english muffin couldn't fix. I've gotten sick-sick once and I blame only myself. We were heading to Detroit for the Tigers game early in the morning and I had eaten half a greek yogurt and a peach - not the most substantial of breakfasts for someone prone to car sickness. Jeff pulled the car over and after emptying my stomach I leaned back into the car and said, "That actually didn't taste half bad... sort of like a smoothie." In short, not too much 'morning' sickness, but motion sickness is still going strong. 

2. Do you want a boy or a girl?

I'm always surprised to find that the majority of the time this question ends up being what seems like a trick. The conversation goes a little something like this: Friend: "Do you want a boy or a girl?" Me: "Jeff and I both are actually hoping for a boy." Friend: "Yeah but you'll be happy with whatever you get as long as he or she is healthy." And I'm never quite sure how to respond to this comment. "Of course we want a healthy baby!" I want to boast back. The question wasn't whether we wanted a healthy baby or not, it was our preference on having a boy or girl. And honestly, I'm not really sure why our answer is a 'boy' other than the fact that when we picture ourselves being parents to a baby, that baby is a boy. And of course this means we're probably having a girl! We'll find out for sure on December 22nd. 

3. Have you had any cravings?

Not really. More than anything else, I have a hard time finding something that sounds good. Nothing makes me nauseous, per say, as in, I don't get sick at the thought of chicken or the smell of pizza. Rather, my appetite has just changed. When I'm non-pregnant Nichole, I usually know what I'm going to eat for breakfast before my head hits the pillow the night before. But now, I wake up in the morning and end up eating something for the sake of eating something. Fruit and a mini bagel usually does the trick. 

4. Are you going to find out what you're having?

Have we met? Yes... we 100% are going to find out. This type A personality couldn't stand waiting an entire 9 months to find out what we're having. A lot of people typically have a follow up question: "But don't you want it to be a surprise?" And I think this is where a lot of people miss a very big point: by finding out the gender of the baby at our doctor's office, it's still going to be a surprise...  just a few months sooner. I'm pretty sure Jeff and I will have enough joy and excitement upon the delivery of the baby without waiting to also find out the gender at that time. 

5. Can I see your belly? 

This question cracks me up. I'm only 15 weeks and my belly is just now starting to pop. There's really nothing to see. To give you an idea, it looks like I just ate Thanksgiving dinner... a food baby!! But I don't see the whole 'belly pic' phenomenon really being my thing anyway. So far I've taken one photo of myself and it was right when I found out we were pregnant. The only reason I took the photo was so I can remember what my flat stomach looked like 9 months from now. After the baby arrives I'll use that 'belly pic' as motivation to get back to where I was before - or at least as close as possible to it with the war wounds I'll probably gain in this process. Jeff has already told me he's on the watch for the stereotypical two handed pregnant belly pic (one hand on top of the belly and one below). If for any other reason, you won't see those photos just so I can prove him wrong!