Moving Day! Jeff and his proudly packed Uhaul. Photo Credit: Charlie DeWitte. 

Moving Day! Jeff and his proudly packed Uhaul. Photo Credit: Charlie DeWitte. 

We ate pizza for breakfast, lunch, and dinner the entire weekend and if I wasn't pregnant I would have washed it down with a ice cold brewski (Jeff did). Running on not enough sleep (and pure excitement) the food and drink was well deserved.  

We couldn't have asked for a better December day of weather (clear skies all day long) not to mention the great crew of family and friends who helped us out. One, very full, Uhaul truck load later... we were done. 

But the process wasn't all ease and happiness. Friday morning we signed papers (the sellers had signed the day before) and the house was officially and legally ours. However, we got word late Thursday afternoon that the sellers hadn't moved out of the house yet. They planned their move on Friday which is the same day we planned to paint and clean so that on Saturday morning the house would be ready to go - a slight scheduling oversight.

We signed papers at 10am and were told we could get into the house at noon. Then noon turned to 4pm and 4pm turned to 7pm. Sitting in our boxed up apartment Friday night watching the minutes pass, we resolved to the fact that we'd be pulling an all-nighter if we wanted to stay on schedule for a 9am move Saturday morning. We got the call around 8:30pm, started painting and cleaning around 9pm and didn't stop until 5:30am. 

Now let me tell you, if you've never experienced moving into a space someone literally just moved out of hours before... it's weird. I felt like I was cleaning up someone else's mess... because I was. Praise be it to the Pine-Sol and Windex kings.  

While I was busy scraping old waffles off the floor, Jeff was hard at work painting the living room and dining room. I've never been more impressed by him in my life. Right around 2am he came into the basement were I was sweeping and told me he was taking me home but that he was going to come back and finish painting one more coat before calling it quits. God bless that man. 

A few short hours of sleep later, it was moving day and a few short hours after that we were done... with transporting our stuff to the house part at least. 

We love our house even more so now than when we first walked through it. It's a funny thing, buying a house. You shop. You do walk through after walk through. You figure out what you're looking for: 3-4 bedrooms, at least 1.5 baths, a front porch, etc. But then you move in and you notice the kitchen lights have a dimmer which is nice. Or that the shower is quite roomy and has decent water pressure. Or better yet, that the two car garage door comes with two automatic openers - we still only have just the one car. Gosh I'm so pumped to not have to brush our car off this winter. 

We have so much to be thankful for this year and are proud to add home ownership to the list.