Photo Credit: Jill DeVries Photography 

Photo Credit: Jill DeVries Photography 

In two days we leave for our 12 day trip to Italy (and Turkey) which means... it's time to start packing! I've never been to Europe so I did a good amount of google searching and met with friends who have already been to Italy in order to find out more about what I should bring. Their advice, mixed with my typical travel habits, I'd say we're ready to go. Here are some of my quick travel tips for visiting Italy. 


For travel days I dress first and foremost for comfort. You can usually find me in black yoga pants, a dry fit zip-up or hoodie, a light scarf and sneakers that I can take on and off easily through security. I always pack some sort of personal entertainment: the book I'm reading at the time plus a few magazines and most of the time my iPad for watching movies, however, on international flights I totally dig the huge selection of movies they provide for FREE! I never forget earbuds (using the ones they provide is gross) and am a big fan of snacks. For other flight specific travel tips check out How to Fly Like A Diva. 


Finding examples of street fashion for Italy wasn't difficult - Italian fashion blogs are everywhere. And here's something that's not a surprise, Vogue speaks fashion in all languages... whether or not we all translate that message the same, I'm not so sure. In short, I decided to pack a combo of skinny jeans, flowy tops, and sun dresses that are interchangeable to create different outfits. We'll be doing a lot of site seeing which will include quite a bit of walking so for footwear I included a set of flats and gladiator sandals. I also included a pair of wedges to go with maxi dresses for dinner and drinks in the evenings. See my bulleted packing list below. 


I'm a big fan of travel, specifically the kind that gives you a sense of the local culture. During our trip we've decided to forgo hotel accommodations and instead booked a series of AirBnBs, which are independently owned condos or apartments that locals rent to vacationers. We plan to make a few meals at our place which means visiting the local markets and treating our taste buds to wine and cheese for (I'm planning on) breakfast lunch AND dinner. 


But lets face it, as much as we try our game at being locals, we aren't. You better believe we're taking guided tours of a few art museums and other tourist attractions where my camera will hang around my neck. Also, for this trip I've decided that I'm not bringing my laptop, which means I won't be blogging each day like I prefer to do while traveling. Instead, I'll come armed with pen and paper and fill you in later, much like I did with our Vanuatu trip back in September due to lack of internet. 


When I go on vacation I like to treat myself to a little pre-trip-prep before we leave. I get my nails done (something I hardly ever do) with Shellac, a hard finish nail polish. That way, I don't have to worry about my nails chipping half way through our trip and forgo the need to pack extra polish for touch ups. I also make a few wax appointments which saves on having to pack a razor. And for this trip I also made a spray tan appointment. Our legs here in Michigan haven't seen sunlight in nearly 8 months... before I go wearing sundresses around Italy you better believe I'm coloring my pasty legs. 


For this trip, Jeff and I have two travel buddies, Josh and Emily. For the past few weeks we've been joking that because Emily and Jeff did most of the leg work on planning our trip, Josh and I are now the 'social committee' - self nominated of course so we feel like we're contributing. Beyond making sure we are properly stocked with booze and snacks throughout our trip, I've decided this also entails packing a deck of cards for train rides and easy mornings around the breakfast table, as well as having a set of iPhone speakers on hand for playing music - because nothing's more important than setting the mood with the proper tunes. 

We are jacked for our trip next week and we look forward to sharing our adventures with you when we get back. But for now, below I've listed my personal packing list for Italy. 

All photos in this blog were borrowed from friend and photographer Jill DeVries. Visit her work and print shop HERE. Thanks Jill! 



  • bottoms 1: dark blue skinny jeans (for day wear and evenings out)
  • bottoms 2: black nike golf skort (for long walking tours)
  • bottoms 3: black activewear pants/skirt (for travel days)
  • bottoms 4: black yoga pants (for sleeping)
  • bottoms 5: black faux leather pants (for evenings out) 
  • top 1: black flowy blouse (for day wear and evenings out)
  • top 2: black tutu dress top (for evenings out)
  • top 3: red flowy dress top (for day wear and evenings out)
  • top 4: black and white patterned top (for day wear and evenings out)
  • top 5: red and purple dress top (for evenings out)
  • dress 1: black jersey knit sundress (for walking tours or beach day)
  • dress 2: multi-colored purple maxi dress (for evenings out)
  • dress 3: patterned red and green maxi dress (for day wear or evenings out)
  • dress 4: mauve sundress (for walking tours or beach day)
  • dress 5: black maxi dress (for day wear or evenings out)
  • jacket 1: short jean jacket (for over sundresses and sleeveless tops)
  • jacket 2: black faux leather jacket (for over sundresses and sleeveless tops)
  • jacket 3: tan faux leather jacket (for over sundresses and sleeveless tops)
  • jacket 4: grey active wear zip-up (for travel days)
  • jacket 5: black 3/4 length blazer (for over dress tops)
  • shoes 1: black flats (for day wear and longer walks)
  • shoes 2: nike neon pink sneakers (for travel days and longer walks)
  • shoes 3: black sandal wedges (for dressing up jeans and sundresses)
  • shoes 4: black gladiator sandals (for jeans, sundresses, and shorter walks)
  • scarf 1: black and white leopard print (for travel days and over tops)
  • scarf 2: plain black (for travel days and over tops) 
  • the essentials: socks, undies, bras
  • bathing suit (we may take a dip in Cinquo Terre)


  • jewelry: assorted neutral pieces that go with all outfits
  • iPhone & charger
  • iPhone speaker & docking station
  • earbuds for plane 
  • camera
  • outlet adapter 
  • sunglasses 
  • book to read on plane and with coffee in the mornings 
  • notepad & pen for tracks blog items 
  • makeup & other toiletries 
  • deck of cards
  • tan coach travel purse (for tours and day to day use)
  • dark navy coach wristlet (for nights out)

Jeff and I are packing our 'stuff' in our black Northface travel packs. We'll be doing a lot of moving around during this trip including 3 different train rides. Being able to toss our packs on our backs will be nice and easy. In addition to my pack, I'll bring one smaller hand held tote for my plane carry on. I usually slide this under my feet for easy access to my book, etc. during the flight.