Photo courtesy of James Richard Fry Photography. 

Photo courtesy of James Richard Fry Photography. 

Hey party people... big news, we're looking for a house to buy. 

Living downtown in the heart of the city has been awesome. We walk to work, we're never more than 3 floors away from a cold draft beer, someone else shovels our sidewalk, and our pad is just plain cool to hang out in.

But in the last year we've spent less time in our own urban backyard and more time outside of downtown. Most weekends this summer we've spent elsewhere with friends and family at the lake or partying in their backyards. And we're not complaining. We are simply recognizing a cold hard fact: that we've outgrown downtown living - at least for now anyway. 

What is more, my office officially opened it's new doors on Cherry Street in Easts Hills last month which means as soon as snow hits, my walk to work is going to become miserable. 

As we start planning for the future, Jeff and I both agree that Grand Rapids is our home and that it's time to start putting down some firm roots. We love our city and this is where we want to raise our future family. 

So, we're asking for your help if you're willing... keep your eyes and ears open for home buying opportunities. We really like the Eastown area, specifically, the neighborhoods surrounding Wilcox Park. We also really love the Ottawa Hills neighborhood. We're looking for a long term home (we know we want to stay a while) so something we can grow into is preferred. Everything else is really pretty flexible. If you have any leads, drop us a line.