I'm still in a bit of disbelief that in a little over 3 months Jeff and I will have a baby. What is more, at our most recent doctor appointment we were  told that our little girl is possibly measuring a week ahead of schedule which means she could arrive as soon as May 1st. I've since been told by friends that they had this prediction too from their doctors... but then they delivered after their due date. So I guess we'll see. 

We still have so much to do: our baby room still sits empty, our registry isn't complete, we still need to find a pediatrician as well as schedule newborn photos. There is also the large task of finding childcare for when I go back to work. 

Right now the plan is to take 6 weeks of maternity leave and once I return to the office in June to hire a part-time nanny. Our ideal scenario would be to find a local Calvin or Aquinas student who can stack their school schedule with all morning classes so they can spend their afternoons at our house with the baby (and lets be honest, do their homework while she naps). If you know of anyone who might be a good fit, send them our way. I plan to meet with candidates in May after the baby's born while I'm on leave but happy to start looking sooner. 

In other news, the baby bump is slowing but surely making it's appearance. I'm still at that stage where people aren't quite sure if they should comment or not which is kinda of funny. Big lunch or baby?... who knows!  I'm still able to easily hide my tummy with loose clothing which is quite often because it's cold outside and I stack on the layers. 

Other than the recent influx of heartburn, everything has been pretty textbook and I'm grateful. Everyone keeps telling me that a boring pregnancy is a good pregnancy.

The baby on the other hand doesn't seem to be bored at all... she moves constantly. I'm not sure what's normal when it comes to movement but she's on the go All. The. Time.  It's a very reassuring reminder that she's in there and completely healthy.

All in all, everything is good in baby land. We're all happy and healthy and getting excited for the 3rd trimester.