Lake Michigan coastline off Frankfort Harbor, January 2015. 

Lake Michigan coastline off Frankfort Harbor, January 2015. 

Each winter we're invited to spend a weekend with friends at their cottage on Crystal Lake up north. We designate the majority of our time to relaxing, catching up, playing games, eating snacks and drinking. On Saturday afternoon we took a hike up the Lake Michigan shoreline just south of Frankfort - the view was well worth the cold fingers and toes. 

This was our third year together at the cottage with friends and each year (while the same in regards to the eating and drinking part) has been a little bit different. Over the years we've experienced marriages, pregnancies, babies born, houses purchased and job changes. We're all quickly discovering what it means to thrive in adulthood and all trying our very best not to loose sight of our childhood characteristics. Sitting around the fire Saturday evening dancing and jumping around to old school rap music it occurred to me that I must not fear... clearly our younger selves will never die. 

However, there was the occasional, "You guys we should change the song, the boys can repeat words now," comment that kept us grounded. This was our first year including kids at the cottage and we're still learning.  They say it takes a village, ours just happens to enjoy a few cuss words in our tunes. 

The weekend was a success minus one broken plastic bowl. We are ever grateful to the Vanderheide's for allowing us to party at their place.