Last week Kate Morrow, a fellow Eastowner, visited us at our home to capture some precious moments of Natalie as a newborn. Kate's name was passed along to us by multiple friends who have worked with her on their own family and newborn photos. Kate did not disappoint and we're happy to say we give her our very own golden recommendation! Check here out at her website HERE

And now... for some cuteness we're hoping doesn't 'break the internet!' 

Some quick fun facts about these photos: 

  • Eye Glasses - where found in the front yard of our new house a few weeks ago while digging up the landscaping. 
  • Book - is my late Great Grandmother's dictionary that my Mom handed down to me on the day I graduated college. 
  • Desk - this piece sat in my older brother's room growing up. If you lift the lid you'll find the stickers he put there as a kid. It now sits in Natalie nursery. 
  • Fur Shawl - this was my 'something borrowed' at our wedding. 
  • White Blanket - a gift from Jeff's Grandmother for Natalie. She told us after she gave it to us that she had made it for one of his cousins, but decided to give it to us because we had a baby first. I thought that was funny.