We bought our home and unpacked boxes in the dead of winter late last year. As we set up our house we were visited by a few neighbors (some flowers from one, Christmas cookies from another) but after that, months went by without much more than the occasional bundled up dog walker in front of our house.

Before purchasing, we were certain we'd love the location (great walkability to both Gaslight and Eastown, amazing school district, etc.) but we knew nothing about our neighbors. But then came spring and much like the buds on the trees, neighbors emerged from their houses.

Since then we've gotten to know most of them and were surprised to find that the large majority of the homes on our block are occupied by young families. Before Natalie arrived, the head count for pregnant women was 4, one with twins! And we've even got a set of three girls (Natalie included) that will enter school the same year. 

We've begun forming our community here and we're loving it. We go for walks and get cocktails together. We sign our kids up for swim classes together and borrow each others lawn equipment. One even lets us store our breast in their deep freezer. And more recently, we partied in the middle of our street together for the annual neighborhood block party.

It was good ole fashion fun with brats on the grill, sidewalk chalk and bubbles for the kids and later that afternoon one of our neighbors arranged for a visit by the fire department. The fire fighter gave a tour of the truck and let the kids hop on board for photos.

The party was a success and we're already discussing neighborhood get-together plans for fall and winter. I expect there will be many more Life on Rosewood posts in our future.