Comerica Park, Detroit Tigers Baseball. 

Comerica Park, Detroit Tigers Baseball. 

I tend to make lots of jokes about Jeff being a nerd He’s nerdy level smart, he loves playing strategy board games, he’s a big fan of bowling, and he’s part of a men’s only club where they spend their time talking about investments. It’s a real thing. They call themselves the Powdered Wigs.

For the record, I find his nerdiness to be extremely attractive. It’s one of the many reasons I married him.

The benefit of being married to a nerd? Plenty. He knows the answers to all my political questions, he does math in his head like a mo-fo, and whenever we make a large purchase like a dishwasher or a car he’s always game for researching and finding the best value for our dollar.

More recently, his nerdiness allowed us the opportunity to join his investment club members and their wives on a party bus to the Detroit Tigers game where we enjoyed the ‘suite’ life. It was…. wait for it… sweet.

It was so sweet in fact that a co-worker asked me on Monday how the game was and I admitted that I had only watched approximately 5 minutes of actual baseball.  He then proceeded to ask me if I knew who won. I answered, “The hotdogs were delicious.” They were, in fact, delicious.

I do love baseball but when you’re in a room full of fun people to socialize with (nerds are hotties) I tend to get a little distracted. That and I was busy eating a gigantic brownie ice cream sundae fresh off he dessert cart. Let me repeat: the dessert cart.

The husband, who watched most of the game, tells me Verlander pitched out of his mind, but I think he too was distracted by Verlander’s girlfriend, Kate Upton, who sat in the suite next to ours the entire game. Seriously.

It was back to reality Saturday morning spending the day with my Mom and Natalie grabbing breakfast at Cherie Inn and visiting the Fulton Street Farmers Market where the produce has already gone Fall on us. I got pretty excited about being able to carve and display pumpkins on our porch for the first time this year and was prompted to start thinking about Halloween costume ideas. Needless to say, we’re looking forward to Fall.