The flotilla on Spring Lake, Labor Day Weekend 2015. 

The flotilla on Spring Lake, Labor Day Weekend 2015. 

This weekend we learned what a 'flotilla' is. First, let me tell you that it is not edible. Second, let me tell you that it is an entire day of fun. Third, I'll be honest that up until a minute ago I was convinced it was a made up term. Nope. It's real. According to google the definition of 'flotilla' is a fleet of ships or boats. 

You guys, the flotilla we enjoyed this weekend included friends, sunny weather, cold brewskis, and chili dogs! And oh my goodness can we talk briefly about the people watching? I've never seen more shaking fringe on a bathing suit in my life. There was an inflatable monkey. And a dinosaur. And a shark. I rode on a jet ski with a friend of a friend named Chuck who's boat goes by 'Don't Stop Believe'n' which is an excellent choice in my opinion. 

The entire thing was incredibly fascinating. When we got the flotilla invite last week from our friends the Gibsons my first thought was, 'Mexican food?' Oddly enough, they made us tacos for lunch on the boat. 

We arrived at the Gibson's slip around 10:00am and the boat pulled out shortly after. By the time we reached Spring Lake maybe no later than 11am there were already boats lined up and tied in for the day ahead. My mind was blown as the dingy filled with the two 'conductors' if you will, puttered around the boats tying them in the U shaped formation creating a long alley way in the middle where flotation devices were already deployed. 

There were paddle boards, kayaks, canoes, inner tubes, water lounge chairs... if it floats, it was there. My extrovert personality momentarily became introvert at the sheer overwhelming sight of it all... only to quickly switch back to extrovert because it was quite literally a social person's heaven. 

Also, how many flotillas can a flotilla float if a flotilla could float tillas? 

To summarize, flotillas are fun and all the people should flotilla at least once in their lives. Flotilla... Kladder approved.