Fall truly is my favorite time of the year. Give me all the hot cider, pumpkin pie and all that beautiful Pure Michigan scenery! Ah... I just love it. Jeff gets really into football which makes for chill Sunday afternoons which is super nice. Plus, I don't have to make excuses this time of year about my excessive use of crockpot cooking - it's the most used appliance in our house ALL year round but society seems more accepting of my habit when the weather is cooler. Bring on the chili, beef stew and ham and bean soup. 

Two weeks ago we officially kicked off fall at my parents house at their annual bonfire party. Friends Charlie, Brittney and their daughter Max joined us again this year for a weekend stay at the Smith BnB and partook in the bonfire and beer pong festivities. Each year the fire seems to grow bigger and bigger as locals pile on their summer yard brush or old dining room furniture they replaced earlier this year. This year we trademarked a new term: BURNiture which is defined as 'furniture to be used for a few hours at the party before getting tossed in the fire.' 

We're just about half way through October and we've already visited Sietsema Orchards and Cider Mill as well as Koetsiers. Sietsemas has you pick apples, fresh cider and donuts, hay rides and a chicken coop out back that Natalie got a kick out of. Koetsier's isn't much for the cider/apple/donut department but is GREAT for hours of kid entertainment. For $10 a kid you get entry to their kids play center located indoors (yes, perfect for rainy weather) that has tons of kids play items. Entry includes a pumpkin for painting and a popcorn snack ticket per person in your party. Natalie had a blast and spent most of her time in the 'corn crib' which is basically a sand box but with corn instead of sand. 

Our porch is fully stocked with pumpkins and mums and we're ready for Halloween with our family costumes - this year our theme is Stone Age! If you're local and still need to decorate your porch or front steps I suggest first the Fulton Street Farmers Market (tons there at great prices) or just picking up your items from Meijer. Stock up those MPerks! 

This past weekend Natalie and I joined our friends out in Hudsonville for the Urban Hay Day which was super cute. A free event in the heart of 'downtown' Hudsonville complete with petting zoo, donuts and cider, hayrides and much more. It seemed like the entire town was in attendance and was some good ole fashion family fun. 

And Sunday was Natalie's 1/2 birthday which means we officially have a one and a half-year-old. Jeff and I think she's the funniest person alive. She's full of sass, is talkative as they come and LOVES being outside which is serving us well this fall. 

This weekend Jeff heads out with buddies for a guys golfing getaway while Nat and I get to hang here in Grand Rapids for some ever so precious girl time. Hoping for more good fall weather to keep this streak going!