We are on the less than 8 week countdown for baby boys arrival and getting really excited. This pregnancy has flown by and bonus... it's been way less eventful than the first time through. I like being pregnant just fine but I am really looking forward to having cocktails, fitting into my jeans again and not having to administer shots daily. This baby is SUPER active and I think we might have a wiggle worm on our hands. 

We're considering Natalie prepped and ready to become a big sister: she is head over heels for the newborn at her daycare and plays with her baby dolls nonstop. We just finished her brothers nursery and have taken all the baby gear out of storage. At first, I was nervous Natalie would try to use the gear for herself but instead she's using all the gear for her dolls. It's the sweetest thing listening to her 'shush' her baby dolls and tell them, 'it's okay.' 

This past weekend Jeff headed north with a group of college buddies for a guys weekend in Charlevoix while Natalie and I enjoyed time together at home. We kept busy though and joined the wives and kids left behind by the guys weekend for a wine night on Friday and then we headed south to Schoolcraft on Saturday for my Mom and sister-in-law Rachels birthdays. We shopped, grabbed lunch and later that night we joined yet another birthday celebration for a family friend at Kids Gym in Portage. Miss Addie Parker turned the big 3-years-old this month and Natalie had a ball with the rest of the kids at the gym. 

Two weekends ago we took a family trip to Fredrick Meijer Gardens to visit the Ai Wei Wei exhibit currently on display. We were first introduced to Wei Wei's work on our trip last summer in Eastern Europe. During our stay in Prague we visited Veletrzni Palace where Wei Wei has a permanent outdoor installation, The Zodiac Heads. Wei Wei's work is on display at FMGs through August and is a must see. The installation does an excellent job sharing the story of Wei Wei and easily explains the messages behind his work. Plus, it's pretty cool to look at. 

That same weekend we kicked off Valentines Day with cookie decorating and Valentine making with neighbors. On Valentines Day evening we continued the celebration by dining out at Terra in Eastown. I'm a big fan of Terra's atmosphere and their food - never disappointed - and I'm an even bigger fan of the unconditional love marriage has brought to our lives. I personally think marriage unfairly gets a bad reputation and if I can step on my soapbox for a moment, I completely disagree! Marriage rocks and Valentines Day is a solid excuse to shout it from the rooftops! 

As we coast into March we remain hopeful that this weather will keep up! As everyone heads south to warmer weather, we'll be here in GR on the 'pregnant and can't fly anymore' list. Happy Monday/incredibly sunny February day to you all! 

POSTSCRIPT - What we're into lately... 

  • Kindle Fire for Kids - Holy game changer! Natalie got a kindle fire for Christmas and we used it for the first time in the car this weekend and there was not a peep out of her the entire way. The movie Frozen for the win! 
  • Klarbrunn Soda Water - A cheaper alternative to La Croix stocked in the same aisle at Meijer. I may like the grapefruit flavor even better than my La Croix go to.
  • Social Kitchen & Bar - Located in the downtown market, I had been for happy hour before but never dinner. Two weeks ago we joined neighbors for a bite and I was impressed by the food and service. 
  • Essentialism - The book I'm currently reading. Only a few chapters in but greatly intrigued by the 'Disciplined Pursuit of Less.' We're still keeping up on our more reading, less TV before bed 2017 goal.