I hung the ferns out on our front porch this morning which means the drinking stoop is officially open for the season. We've been practicing (sans hanging ferns) for the last few weeks when the weather was warm enough, but moving forward you can find us there on our evenings home. If you see us while driving or walking past, you should know you're always welcome to honk/wave and/or stop by for a cocktail and a chat. 

Spring has already been a good time with April containing both Easter and our first born's 2nd birthday this year. Last weekend we celebrated Natalie with my family in town from Schoolcraft. They spoiled her with all kinds of new outdoor toys including a swing for the backyard, a tricycle and a slide for the drinking stoop - all just in time for the warmer weather. Natalie has always been a big fan of being outside and already this year she's managed to skin and re-skin her knees with falls on the driveway which reminds me... I forgot bandaids at the store again today. 

Parents always say this (because it's totally true), I cannot believe how quickly 2 years went by. She's certainly not a baby anymore speaking to us in full sentences and asking to do things herself most of the time. We may have a new baby in the house, but Natalie will always be my first baby. To Natalie (who may read this off the internet some years down the road), a very happy birthday sweet girl! 

We also celebrated Easter last weekend and the best part was watching Natalie hunt for eggs. A close second was watching our parents watch Natalie hunt for eggs. She quickly figured out each egg contained candy which made the process a tad slower, but totally worth it. She got a second round of egg hunting at the Lake last weekend with the Kladder family. Jeff's parents are back from Palm Springs for the summer which means getting to spend some of my maternity leave that I have left out at the lake with the kids on sunny afternoons with my mother-in-law. Bonus. 

Speaking of my mother-in-law Mari, we celebrated her birthday last week as well with lunch at the Downtown Market with the kids, which is also where she met her grandson for the first time. It was a special moment to witness as she was pretty bummed to have missed being able to visit us in the hospital directly after his birth. She's a very special lady and we're blessed to have her in our lives. 

Two Saturdays ago Jeff spent some dude time with Thomas at home while Natalie and I joined a few neighbor friends at the Posh Petals Brunch with Bunnies event. The live bunnies were a HUGE hit with the kids while I found the donuts and the bunny ear decorating pretty entertaining. I think the ears were suppose to be for the kids, didn't care. There was a professional photographer there to capture the girls and boy did the pics turn out cute. Elizabeth, friend and owner of Posh Petals, and her team did a great job putting on the event and I let her know my only suggestion that next time there be mimosas!

In our spare time we've made the rounds at some of our favorite places including Fredrick Meijer Gardens for some outdoor strolls, Mangiamo's freshly opened patio for Rosewood happy hour and Watermark for some rounds of golf and smacking balls on the range. I say 'smacking' because while Jeff may be good at golf, I could use some private lessons. Despite my skill level, the ladies at the course have convinced me to sign up for women's league this year. This summer I turn the big 3-0 which means I'm getting closer to retirement... it's time for me to start practicing the skills necessary for that. I'm only half joking. 

Enjoy the sunshine my friends! May you soon be enjoying a cold beverage on your boat, or better yet, your friends boat! The rest of us will stick to our drinking stoops! 

POSTSCRIPT ... Things we're into lately... 

  • Lavish Bath Boxes - A very thoughtful friend sent me a box full of bath gear. What a great gift idea! Eager to test some the box contents out soon. 
  • Captured in Clay - When Natalie was born we got her foot and hand prints captured in clay for gifts. We did the same with Thomas two weeks ago - post on coming soon on GR Family. 
  • Girlfriend Leggings - Have you received your order in the mail yet?! Loving mine. 
  • Happy Hour @ Mangiamo - Half off all drinks! And their patio/yard is pretty kid friendly because it's all fenced in. I smell another GR Family post on this topic.  
  • James Richard Fry Photography - James captured all of our new family photos, Thomas' newborn pics as well as some of Natalie who turned 2 this month. He does great work and we recommend him!  

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