All my beautiful friends who came out for the Ambassador Class hosted in July. 

All my beautiful friends who came out for the Ambassador Class hosted in July. 

Earlier this summer I hosted a free class for friends at the newly opened Dailey Method studio in Eastown. Offering both Barre and Cycling classes, the Dailey Method was founded in San Fransisco by founder Jill Dailey who was seeking a way to transform lives through fitness. Jill was an earlier trainee of the Lotte Berke method in NYC, which focuses on micro movements and stretching. 

Now, 17 years, 63 studios and 3 continents later... we now have a Dailey Method Studio in our very own backyard. Almost literally, it's three blocks from our house. 

I sat down with Jaime Centilli, owner of the studio in Eastown, for coffee last winter just after her and her husband relocated here from California. She had just signed the paperwork to take over the old Striders space on the corner of Wealthy and Norwood. Over our piping hot cup of joe, she gave me a rundown of her plans for the fitness center. At the time, I was 7 months pregnant with Thomas so it probably goes without saying that hitting the gym was not at the top of my priority list. However, despite my round figure, she asked if I would be interested in becoming an ambassador for the studio. In exchange for hosting a free class for friends and helping to spread the word about the grand opening I would get a months worth of classes for free. 

It seemed like an excellent deal to me and I told her to, "Count me in!" I hosted my class for friends in July and I'm completely embarrassed to say that I have not yet cashed in on my free classes. Long story short, summer really got away from me. We took a vacation, I broke my toe (I swear it's true) and I went out of town for work. I share all of my excuses to say this: Jamie has set up the best possible opportunity for me (and for you!) to get back to the gym. I may work. I may have two young kids. But her studio is walking distance from my front door. She's provided childcare, ON SITE! And she's given me the gift of free classes for having hosted one event there...  which means this: my excuses are terrible! and I owe it to myself to cash in on this phenomenal Eastown/neighborhood perk. 

So for real, I'm signing up... just as soon as I'm back from my work trip next week. I swear! And I think you should too. There is a new client special that is 4 weeks of unlimited classes for $79. For all other pricing and a full class schedule, visit their homepage. Lets get in shape just in time for sweater weather, eh?!