Mid City Love

Natalie started her second year at Grace Church Preschool this week and she could not be more excited. Jeff and I took Natalie on a special coffee/treat date just the three of us at Hall Street Bakery to kick things right. Of all the treats she picked a very modest chocolate chip muffin (must get that from her Dad - I mean, there were cupcakes, brownies, cookies, cinnamon buns… and chose a muffin!) and she was thrilled about the ‘N’ earrings she received as a back to school gift. Nat will go two full days this year which means she’ll be packing a lunch - again, she’s thrilled!

Natalie is growing up so fast. Both kids are. Thomas, our baby, looks nothing like a baby anymore and for real never stops talking. He’s in 4T shirts now (reminder, he’s 2.5) and his favorite game as of late is ‘going to work’ which involves giving a hug/smooch goodbye, leaving for 30 seconds and returning to start the cycle all over again. I’ve never felt so loved in my life and honestly, there are regularly days when my work days only feel like 30 seconds or less.

And kids or no kids we can all agree that time flies, especially when you’re having fun - and boy… we totally are. To save you from all the feelings, I’ll summarize: life is good and being able to document our good times here on Mid City Love is a privilege. Looking back at our photos and reading the entries is special. To those who follow along, thanks for sharing in our stories. Moving on…

Labor Day Weekend came and went and we did a little bit of everything. We started the weekend with friends biking around our neck of the woods (Eastown, Cherry Hill and Wealthy Street) hopping patios and soaking up the last of the summer weather. Saturday we headed out to the lake for the evening and took one final spin on the boat before it gets stored for the winter. Sunday we joined some friends from Watermark for a family BBQ, rootbeer-stand-style complete with coney dogs and ice cream floats. And Monday my Mom drove up from Schoolcraft to spend some time with the kids while Jeff and I golfed with friends for the afternoon.

Two weeks ago I was able to get away with the ladies from Rosewood for the 4th Annual Crystal Lake Weekend. This year was new and improved including matching pajama sets courtesy of Amazon.com (full disclosure, they were terribly uncomfortable and some refused to wear them - they felt like paper sacks) plus a giant floating flamingo. There were cheese trays built for an army, champagne for days (literally), açaí bowls for breakfast, sunset paddle board rides and this year we took advantage of the local FREE bus shuttle into Frankfort for dinner. It’s a pleasure to have grown closer to these ladies over the years. They’ve made living on Rosewood even sweeter.

Jeff and I both wrapped up the end to our golf leagues last month, me more officially after the last women’s outing of the season - Jeff still has three weeks worth of rain cancellations to make up. I was the chairperson of last months outing titled: Under the Big Top! and it was a great success. It was a hoot dressing up from scenes you’d find at the circus and my partner Jamie and I came in second. And despite the end of our leagues, Jeff and I will still try to get in as much golf as we can before the weather turns over the next month.

Last month we also celebrated with neighbors at our annual block party. It was one of the only Saturdays this summer that we spent completely at home and I’ll take the risk of sounding silly and say: it was like a scene from the movies. The weather was in the mid 70s all day which meant every window in our house was open. We put up the road blocks early so the kids from the neighborhood could bike/scooter the length of our block all afternoon leading up to the party. Thomas napped while Natalie exercised more freedom than usual playing with the other kids outside, and I got a sense of what it might be like to live on a cul de sac - you guys, it was real nice. I spent my time ‘tinkering’ both inside and out. I took my time setting up tables, making food and hanging decorative flags for the party. I did some laundry, made some iced coffee and quietly read my book on the porch. Mostly what I’m trying to say is: when Jeff and I bought our house 4.5 years ago - the place where we would start our family together - this is exactly what I had pictured.

The party was as Americana as it gets: grilled brats and hotdogs, kids with water balloons and sidewalk chalk, cold drinks and community. Later we put the kids to bed and regrouped back on the porch for a night cap.

Summer might be over, but we are really looking forward to transitioning to Fall. Less excited about the leaves falling and more excited about the next round of holidays (goodness I’m giddy just thinking about Halloween!), apple orchards with the kids and sweaters and boots - I’m basic and I don’t care who knows it!

Enjoy the rest of your summer everyone. Winter is coming!


  • We’re checking out the Eastown Street Fair this Saturday at the intersection of Wealthy and Lake. It’s a free event and each year we enjoy strolling down the aisle of vendors for some local shopping and food.

  • I cannot wait to check out the brand new Kids Food Basket garden during my United Way volunteer shift with Steelcase. Expect to get a full report!

  • And our last FMGs concert of the season is this Sunday, September 8th. We’re seeing Tash Sultana and I’d suggest you go, but it’s SOLD OUT! Hope it’s good!