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Thomas Turns One

We recently celebrated our sons first birthday. Here's a little post about him. 

Thomas (The Moose) Kladder. Tommy. Tom. Big-T. Bubba. Baby Brother. Heir to the Throne. Okay I made that last one up. Been watching too much Vikings on AmazonPrime. However, true story... Jeff's Founders mug last year had 'Heir to the Throne' on it and this year he told me he engraved our family crest. So yes, too much Vikings. 

Here are some Thomas fun facts: 

  • We can check teething off the list because he's got 'em all.  
  • He's crawling, pulling himself up and walking along things. Won't be long before he's running. 
  • He seems to be a fan of music and bobs his head to the beat. It's super cute. 
  • Good eater. Good sleeper. 
  • Tricks include clapping 'yay', giving high fives and waving 'hi.'
  • His vocabulary includes Mama, Dada and the very best one 'Nat' (his sister Natalie) which comes out Nah-Nah. 
  • He lays completely still while getting his diaper changed. It's convenient. 
  • Started wearing 18 month clothing at 10-months-old. 
  • LOVES taking walks in the stroller outside. Zero peeps during walks. 
  • He's the only boy grandkid on both sides of our family. 
  • Be bolts after every open door within eyesight. He will escape someday. 
  • His favorite food group is milk, milk and more milk. 
  • And oddly, while he's a stout little guy and has no trouble putting on the LBs, he's proven to be a picky eater. 

Before writing this quick entry I read back through the One-Year post for Natalie and was reminded of the immense amount of growth that happens in your heart when you expand your family. Natalie taught us about the love that's created between parent and child as well as the new love that happens between the parents after baby joins. Over the last year Thomas has certainly reminded us of all that, but also something new: he showed us the love that siblings can share. And my goodness is our family so lucky in love with the relationships we share. 

Last weekend we celebrated Thomas with my parents, my brother and his wife (more celebrations with the rest of the sides of our families yet to come) here at our home. There was cake, gifts and a ham dinner (because it was Easter too - two birds, one cake). 

Happy birthday Thomas. 

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