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Wedding Videos, Saginaw to Grand Rapids

We LOVE Brian and Stacey Simmermacher, and without knowing it... you do too. Brian and Stacey are the masterminds behind our two fabulous wedding videos. 

The first time we watched them was on my iPhone outside Smitty's (liquor store), cause we're classy like that. I couldn't wait to view them so we agreed to arrive 10 minutes late to the party we were headed to in order to preview - all the cool people show up late anyway. 

Brian and Stacey created two films for us, the first to be played before the ceremony retelling the story of how Jeff and I came to be at our wedding day (a replacement for the photo slideshow). And the second we hoped would replace the emcee introductions of our wedding party to the reception- a less embarrassing way (than dancing like fools) to re-enter the reception. 

Our 'story' video was better than we could have hoped, but what took the cake was the one of our wedding party. Earlier this year we hosted an engagement party where Brian and Stacey filmed our bridesmaids, groomsmen, and parents. They answered questions like, "What is a memory you have about Jeff?" or "Tell us an interesting fact about yourself." Then Brian and Stacey spliced together something that made ALL of you giggle. 

They say video killed the radio star and in this case it seems video killed the wedding slideshow - and we aren't mad about it. I smell a new wedding trend coming on and Brian and Stacey are to blame! 

Planning a wedding yourself? Forget those 10 minute long 'Throwback Thursday' photo slideshows... the crowds want more Brian and Stacey Simmermacher!

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