If it wasn't for the internet and its many options for communication these days, there's a good chance Jeff & I would never have found not only our photographer (James Richard Fry), but also our videographer. 

Our first introduction to Brian & Stacey (Photography & Cinema) was this video here:

Lets back up a moment... as Jeff and I began wedding planning he had only two requests: the first involved some sort of party bus for the wedding party  (unfortunately one I could not honor given our ceremony and reception venue are one in the same) and the second was a slideshow. 

{  In advance to those who absolutely love photo slideshows and have used them for their own wedding or event... I apologize for what I'm about to say.  }

Slideshows make me want to die inside. Cue the sappy country song and childhood photographs where even the parents can't remember if it's him or her (because after all, it's a baby photo and it was over 25 years ago). Mix in some awkward prom photos with ex-girlfriends, favorite family vacations, and some graduation memories... vola!... snore fest. 

Of course I didn't say all of this to Jeff. Instead...

"What if we create a series of videos instead of a slideshow? We aren't that couple who's story begins in elementary school with an inventory full of slideshow artillery." I told him. "Our story began less than a year ago and we should tell that story, our story, from the point of which it began."

{  Back to present day  }

Brian and Stacey were introduced to us by our photographer James Richard Fry. Not only has the trio worked together in the past, but they are also hometown friends which makes the team all the sweeter. Jeff and I are excited to see what the duo has in store for our big day, and for all of you. 'ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!'  

Without giving away too much about what we'll show at the wedding (this part is up to Brian and Stacey - they are our story tellers) we hope our version of the 'slideshow' is both captivating and insightful.

For more information on Brian & Stacey Photography & Cinema you can follow them on twitter, like them on facebook, or email them directly at hi@brianandstacey.net. 

{  NRS  }