So crowd surfing is not part of the deal when attending a concert at FREDRICK MEIJER GARDENS. In fact, it's the complete opposite - everyone sits, which I'm not all that entirely mad about.

People bring baskets full of goodies (pre-sealed dips and chips mostly - I saw one group walk in with take-out thai food. I was jealous) and set up their beach chairs (you can't have anything higher than a low rider) and blankets in unorganized rows across the lawn. The music begins and the crowd stands for maybe two and a half songs at which point the everyone unanimously sits back down - odd compared to typical concerts. 

As we sat there cross-legged (I heard we can't say indian-style anymore) watching 51-year-old rockstar Sheryl Crow perform I was reminded of a one of my more recent guilty pleasures... NASHVILLE. If you aren't familiar, Nashville is a new hit ABC show staring two country singers: seasoned veteran Rayna James and the up and coming young diva Juliet Barnes, both vying for the proverbial country crown. 

Last night may have been lacking the young diva, however, if I didn't know better I'd say a little bit of Raynas character was modeled after Sheryl. She was calm, composed, and comfortable. She wasn't showy and she had a way of making the crowd feel like she was our friend, which is weird because before Sunday the only thing I knew about her was that she once dated cyclist Lance Armstrong. 

As if I wasn't already comparing my TV habit to the concert... halfway through the show she invited her two sons on stage to say good night - they were on the road with her until this week - something she announced during the show Sunday night. Like Rayna, Sheryl made it known her job behind the microphone is second to her being a mom. 

The concert on Sunday was both my and Jeffs first experience at the outdoor venue at Fredrick Meijer Gardens. If you haven't been, we recommend you get tickets to one of their SUMMER CONCERT SERIES and enjoy the view... it's an awesome spot. 

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads and a very happy birthday to Tom Senecal - great to spend some of our day with you! 

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