Kenley is chic, vintage, personal, and attentive. Kenley appreciates detail, quality, and design. Doesn't Kenley sound wonderful? Only, Kenley isn't a person. KENLEY is the name of an Event Design company lead by friend and rockstar Katie Nguyen.

I first met Katie through Auxillary, the firm that handles design projects for Start Garden. Katie fills the roll of Project Manager and acts as our liaison. However it wasn't until running into Katie at a weekend get-together that I discovered Katie also runs in the Dutch Mafia circle - seeing work people outside their natural habitat is always startling at first. 

[Side note - what is the Dutch Mafia? This close knit group who went to high school here, perhaps went to college here too, and who are (thinking about) building their next generation of Dutch here. The way in? Marriage of course. And no not all of them are Dutch but it's more fun to pretend they are. In fact, I'm pretty sure Katie is Vietnamese... so... } 

As Jeff and I continue wedding planning I realized something very important: for the first time in a long time I'm not going to be able to 'run' the event I'm planning. I can organize, I can scheme. I can check off my lists and design things on paper but come November 2nd I'm going to be part of the event instead of behind the scenes. 

So we've all seen the movie Multiplicity... but we also understand Hollywood is a liar - So cloning myself is out. And then it dawned on me... I need an event producer. I need Katie. 

What some may not know about Katie is that while, yes, she is an excellent project manager, but that she also runs her own full-serviced event planning company: Kenley Event Design. From small gatherings to large affairs, Kenley covers it all. Not only will Katie assist with creative input, but most importantly she'll handle day of coordination - and ultimately my sanity. 

We are elated to have Katie as our event producer. She will make sure center pieces are correct, linens are straight, and people are in their proper places. When you are curious who's playing that video, magically materialized those sweet treats from thin air, and cued Dad to speak into the microphone - it was Katie. 

Be sure to check out Katie (and Kenley) on KENLY EVENT DESIGNFACEBOOK, and follow her on TWITTER too! 

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