Photo Credit: Funky Buddha Yoga House

Photo Credit: Funky Buddha Yoga House

This winter a few friends and I kept warm at Funky Buddha practicing hot yoga. Each Sunday at 7:30 p.m. we joined the community class in Eastown for a hour of breathing, posing, and stretching. Sweating inside while it was freezing outside was exactly what the doctor ordered. 

By far the best part about practicing hot yoga on Sunday evenings was the calm it brought to the beginning of my work week. Hot yoga guarantees a solid nights sleep and a clear mind which makes for a super productive Monday. 

Funky Buddha isn't cheap, though, and can run you a pretty penny. A 30 day unlimited package totals $140. Or, you can sign up for a 12 month membership which lowers the cost to $99/month. There is a one time offer of $39 for 30 days unlimited, however, it's only available to first time attendees. The cost to simply 'drop-in' to a class is $20. 

For me, a monthly package doesn't make sense. I'm already a member at MVP Metro Club downtown which is where I accomplish most of my daily fitness. I really stuck to the hot yoga sessions at Funky Buddha once a week. Lucky for me, the community class happens each Sunday evening and costs only $5, a fee that's donated to Funky Buddha's selected charity of the month. So not only is it cheaper, but it's for a good cause too! 

As one who frequents the community class on Sunday nights, I recommend the following: show up no later than 7 p.m. to sign your name on the sheet and solidify your spot. The class almost always fills up (about 90 people) and they often have to turn people away because they are full. So get their early. Also, because it's so packed you'll need to be comfortable practicing very close to others. At Funky Buddha, the entire floor is covered with mats which means you sometimes accidentally get nudged by your neighbor. Last, be sure to bring a mat cover or towel. If you are as sweaty as I am you'll need it to prevent your hands from slipping all over the place. A water bottle is a good idea too. 

But as the weather warms and class numbers thin I'm thinking less hot yoga indoors and more activity time outdoors. Which is why I'm really looking forward to their community class in Wilcox Park this summer. Perhaps it won't be as hot as the yoga indoors, but my hope is that it will still provide that calming kick-off to my work week this summer. 

Photo Credit: Funky Buddha Yoga House