A post inspired by fellow local blogger Sheila from Eat 2 Gather, we decided to write one of our oddest posts to date and share the inside of our refrigerator.

Any friend of ours who has opened our fridge typically pairs the action with a comment like, "Holy cow, your fridge has nothing in it!" 

What they mean by this is that we don't have a door full of 70 different condiment bottles or leftover food containers. In other words, we aren't ones for stocking up for the end of the world... we buy food for a weeks worth of time. And usually, when friends are opening our fridge, it's most likely the weekend which means our supply is at it's lowest - we grocery shop on Sunday. 

And so, for your viewing pleasure (is anyone else thinking back to the days of MTV Cribs?) we give you the inside of our fridge... 


We always have eggs. I cook them for breakfast every morning and if I'm not cooking them, I'm eating ones that I've already hard boiled. Not much else is kept on this shelf other than eggs. 


In our middle drawer we stash our butter (Smart Balance) that we use for mixing into mashed potatoes or melting into mixed veggies for dinner. Another item we always have on hand is shredded cheese for Jeff's frozen burritos and bar cheese for his crackers - he still eats like he's in college. 


By far holding the most real estate, the middle shelf is home to washed and prepped fruit, usually raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries, as well as pre portioned containers of lunches - these are for me. On Sunday afternoons I usually prep my weeks worth of lunches while Jeff (again he eats like a college student) opts for mac n' cheese or a frozen pot pie. Also, if we have leftovers from dinner or opened bottles of wine,  they also live on the middle shelf along with a few different mixers for cocktails when we have friends over (i.e. the Diet Coke - other than as the occasional mixer, we don't drink pop). 


I like to refer to this portion of the fridge as the beverage shelf. Because of my love for soda water, La Croix is always stocked. We also seem to always have some sort of canned beer on hand just in case we need to pack up a cooler last minute or for when we have people over. Hosting 101 stuff right there. 


There are two bottom drawers. One that's used for individually packaged yogurt - right now we've got Chobani (once you go Greek, you never go back?). And the second is for apples. We eat a lot of apples. I kind of wish refrigerators were designed with more drawers. They are neater than having to stack stuff on shelves. 


I think the scarcity of the shelves in the door are what surprises most people when they take a peek in our fridge. We aren't big on dressings and when we do use a sauce, we have particular ones, like Ortega Taco Sauce - Ortega is the best condiment known to man. We prefer the hot flavor. The top door shelf is home to Ortega, BBQ Sauce, salsa, lime juice (for the vodka), minced garlic, and sometimes steak sauce and Miracle Whip. I think I purchased Miracle Whip for a recipe I was asked to make for a family gathering a few months back - we really don't eat mayo much. 


The second door shelf is home to unsweetened almond milk, 1/2% milk (for Jeff's mac n' cheese and cereal), and sometimes onions, peppers or other fresh produce we use for cooking dinner. We'll also store chicken stock on this shelf if there's already one opened from the cupboard. 


Nothing... in the summer we'll sometimes keep aloe vera for burnt skin there - it feels so much better when it's chilled. But other than that, this shelf gets no love. 

Stay tuned next time for, "What's In Our Freezer!" I'm kidding. I seriously can't believe we wrote a post about our fridge... Thanks for humoring us you guys! 

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