Photo Credit: Julie O'Dell

Photo Credit: Julie O'Dell

I thought this would be the year that Jeff and I sent out Christmas cards because, you know, we had a kid and all. But here we are, with a kid, and still no Christmas cards. That said, I LOVE ALL OF YOUR CHRISTMAS CARDS! They are wonderful and are all hung with care on our metal lockers in our kitchen. Thank you! I feel like some what of a hypocrite enjoying all the mail but not returning the favor. Forgive us? And so, because I failed you yet again this year, here is our virtual Christmas card...

We wish you a Merry Christmas... we wish you a Merry Christmas... we wish you a Merry Christmas and so-so much happiness and love in your coming 2016. We've got nothing but gratitude for the past year and looking back, we're exhausted just thinking about it - we've been busy! 

This time last year we had just moved into our house on Rosewood. It surprised me how quickly the house became our home and now, I can't picture living anywhere else. We have not yet jumped into any major construction quite yet, but we have made some notable adjustments including the pergola addition over the back patio, redoing the front yard landscaping, adding new windows throughout the entire house, and more recently, we're working to finish the attic which will be a great playroom for kids someday.

In April we welcomed Miss Natalie to our family and since we have learned parenting is a hoot! We highly recommend having a kid to anyone who will listen. We love our little smile-machine and agree that someday we definitely want more. Nat has been such a blessing to our lives and we vow to do our very best as her parents. 

We didn't do any international travel this year (having a kid will do that to you) but we did make it up to my parents cabin this summer and spent time with family. It's not exactly 'camping' with a baby but it comes close with no running water or electricity - something that's all about to change come 2016 when the new cabin construction is complete. Jeff and I put in some 'sweat-equity' during our trip - our contribution to building a family tradition. 

This fall I accepted a new position with Steelcase. While the change was unexpected, the opportunity was one that I could not pass up. Steelcase feels like home and each day I spend there I'm confident in my role and future within the company. Similarly, Jeff had another successful year with ProLegal and grew his client base now in 6 different states ranging from the East to West coast. We are thankful for our jobs and aim to never take them for granted. 

From our family to yours, we wish you a very Merry Christmas. May your holidays be filled with warm  hugs, tasty cocktails, loving words, and all the joy the world can muster. Oh, and a Happy New Year!!!