Days are flying by and I'm stunned that we're a little over 2 months away from having a daughter. We're in our 30th week and getting increasingly excited to become parents.

The 'baby to-do list' is slowing getting taken care off. We've gotten a few more things in for the baby's room, we're on our way to figuring out a plan for childcare and we're 95% sure we know what we're going to name her. That said, I think until we sign the birth certificate I'd like to reserve the right to change our minds! I'm pretty excited about the design and theme we decided on for the nursery - see the fox design above. We're aiming for light pink, sea foam green, and other neutrals (white, grey, and wood) to welcome our little 'fox.' There is still a solid trip to Ikea in our near future to round out the essentials. 

Thank you to my boss Mark who took the time to design our fox! 

The most commonly asked question I get these days is, "How are you feeling?" and I'm happy to share things are going great. My belly is starting to really 'pop' now that we're into the third trimester, but other than my pants not fitting anymore... this pregnancy has been pretty seamless. Feeling (as our Young Life girls would say) hashtag blessed (with as many emojis as possible following). 

She's been moving a LOT and has hiccups almost daily which is a really funny feeling. If you've ever had a muscle twitch or spasm, it's sort of like that. And here's something embarrassing: the other day I sneezed and peed my pants a little bit. I told Jeff and he just laughed at me; he's been very supportive. 

All jokes aside, I think I'm most excited to see Jeff hold our daughter. He's not what you'd call a 'baby person' so I can count on one hand the amount of times I've see him interact with an infant. We do have 4 nieces (on his side of the family) but he usually gravitates toward the ones who can carry a conversation with him - and that's only when there's not a board game happening at the kitchen table. Seriously. 

And I'll just take this moment to share a quick thought: there is something extremely attractive about a hot man holding a tiny baby. It's the little things isn't it?