I wanted to share a quick update on how things are going since our last post. Everyone has been very helpful and kind over the last couple weeks and we're both flattered and grateful for your support. I keep telling friends and family that while, yes, this is a serious situation, we are not dying and we're doing just fine. The doctors have everything handled and we're rolling with the punches. 

In short, I'm feeling much better than I did a week ago. I'm in a lot less pain which means the clot is dissolving. I'm still walking kinda funny and standing makes me super tired which has made me grow to love the funny little bench next to our sink in our bathroom. If I didn't enjoy baths so much, I'd probably request one of those awful plastic benches for the shower - me and all the 90-year-olds! Sign me up for AARP! 

Since being discharged from the hospital I've been self administering shots of blood thinner twice daily. I have to say, the shots aren't getting any easier. It's not really the poke part, but more the sting of the medicine that burns for about ten minutes afterwards. I feel for those who have to deal with things like insulin shots their whole lives. Needles are no fun, particularly when you have to stick yourself with them. I've started accumulating a series of bruises and poke marks where the shots are given that I'm hoping coconut oil will help make go away. On the bright side, the meds are preventing more clots which is a very good thing. 

Another funny side effect of the medication is getting random bloody noses. A little shout out to Kleenex for your continued support! 

I'm back at the office this week and happy to be sitting back at my desk. I assured my Mom that I'm doing more sitting there than I would be at home. Less distractions which is nice. We meet with the doctors tomorrow to talk more about the pre birth plan and whether they're going to move forward with the filter surgery. We'll keep ya posted! But for now, I'm looking forward to our next baby shower hosted by mi madre this weekend.