A special surprise last from our wedding florist Elizabeth at Posh Petals, the same flowers we had at our wedding. 

A special surprise last from our wedding florist Elizabeth at Posh Petals, the same flowers we had at our wedding. 

Let me begin by sharing some cold hard truth with you: medical stuff freaks me the heck out. It makes me nervous and anxious and the mere thought of being in the hospital gives me the heeby-jeebies. Now that I'm done pouting... 

We'll be spending some more time in the hospital at a little sooner of a date than originally expected. On the 13th our doctors will perform an amnio which will test our baby's lung capacity and readiness to function outside of the womb. If all is well, on the 14th I'll go into surgery for the placement of the blood clot filter and they will take me off the blood thinners. Then, on the 15th, they will induce labor. She's coming folks! 

So you might ask, "Why the filter?" and "Why induce labor?" The filter, while extremely effective, has a shelf life and because of this the doctors want to use the filters functionality at it's best which is just after placement. They also need to regulate the amount of time I'm off the medication for fear of more clots forming - the filter will catch clots that form during the time I'm off the thinners but they of course want to limit clotting conditions as much as possible.

Delivery wise, being off the blood thinners will reduce the risk of bleeding out and having the filter will reduce the risk of blood clot complications - it's a one-two punch solution. On the 15th we'll be between 36 and 37 weeks which is considered pre term, however, the doctors say anything after 34 weeks and babies are as healthy as those born after a full 40 weeks. 

After our appointment on Thursday Jeff left feeling extremely giddy. But seeing the wave of emotion come over my face as we walked towards our car, he said to me, "This may not be the way we expected things to go, but at the end of this we'll still have the same results: a healthy you and a healthy baby."

And he's right that husband of mine. I was initially overwhelmed not only by the peculiar situation we've found ourselves in but also by having to cram a months worth left of planning into less than a week. But really, when have I ever turned away from a project management challenge such as this?! The professional in me does find it slightly humorous that our delivery has ended up being this planned out. 

But seriously, we need to put the nursery together and buy a car seat. You can find us at Target. 

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